Originally posted November 15, 2021
Updated on November 15, 2021

One of the silver linings in operating last year was that none of our staff, or our guests, got sick with COVID or any other illness while in our snowcats or in our facilities. As far as we know, our days were a safe haven from passing germs and staying healthy. We are shooting for this once again. For the 2021-22 season, our main goal is to once again provide a safe, COVID free experience for our guests, our staff, and community. There is no denying that COVID is still a problem. Due to this we have created the following policies for all our staff, guests, trips and courses offered by Steamboat Powdercats for this coming 2021-22season.

This policy may change based on updated and current available public health information and guidance.

Thank you to everyone for being patient, understanding, and helpful leading up to and throughout this winter’s snowcat skiing season.

Mixed & Private Cats Again 

We feel we can safely resume our mixed cats and protect our guides and guests from future illness

RATE – $750/seat or $7,500/cat

This rate includes all the SPC goodies that we’ve always provided to our guests


We feel that a 10-guest maximum in our snowcats is a great sweet spot for a group experience

COVID Policy for the 2021-2022 Season

All Steamboat Powdercats staff will be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination to SPC management before our season begins.

Guests will need to provide proof of a full Covid vaccination OR proof of a negative Covid PCR test taken within three days (72-hours) prior to your trip or course start date.

If a guest receives a positive Covid test, they will be given a full credit for a future trip, good for up to 2 seasons from the initial booked date. Those who show up for their trip or course and have not complied with the above COVID rules will be turned away with no refunds.

Acceptable forms of proof of vaccination:

An original, official COVID vaccination certificate or photo of an original, official COVID vaccination certificate (For residents of Colorado, a screenshot of your myColorado™ – myVaccine Record vaccination record is acceptable). Out of state residents may use a similar style of proof of vaccination. All text must be legible and images/screenshots must show full information and date regarding an individual’s vaccination. The name on the vaccination record must match the name of the participant visiting Steamboat Powdercats. The vaccination certificate must match a valid form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport.

Fully vaccinated means you are two weeks removed from your second dose of Moderna or Pfizer, or two weeks removed from your single dose of Johnson & Johnson. Your vaccination record must show this date two weeks prior to your date of activity with Steamboat Powdercats.

For children under 12 years old who can’t get vaccinated, please move forward with getting a COVID PCR test.

Acceptable form of a negative COVID test:

A valid negative Covid PCR test that is time-stamped within three days (72-hours) prior to your activity with us.

Click here for testing sites in Colorado

Click here for COVID testing sites in Steamboat Springs

How will SPC handle communicating this policy to guests:

We will be emailing all existing trip leaders and guests (prior to November 1, 2022) to let everyone know about this policy. Anyone who needs to cancel due to this policy needs to let us know ASAP. A full credit or refund will be issued to any individual wishing to cancel due to this policy. After November 19, 2021, no cancellation will be allowed on an existing reservation regarding this policy.

We will also be posting this policy on our website and sharing via social media. For any future reservations, trip leaders will be instructed about this policy at the time of initial contact and followed up with policy language in the confirmation emails, and subsequent 7-day and 3-day prior-to-trip emails.

How will SPC be accepting proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test:

An email with your attached documents to info@steamboatpowderfats.com is the best method. Also, the earlier you send us the email the better. If you have to, you can bring these documents to our office on the morning of your activity with us, but we advise that you take care of this prior to your travels. Our reservation system will have a method for us to track who has provided documents in advance and who hasn’t. It will be up to the guest to make sure that they have sent us these documents or notify us that they are bringing their documentation to our offices the morning of activity.

For private cats or groups booking with one trip leader, it would be best if the trip leader organized one email with all documentation attached. If we don’t get an email before your day with us, all participants under your reservation will have to show us this upon entry to our office. Thank you!

Again, if there is no proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test within 72-hours of an activity, guests will not be allowed to participate and payment for the activity will be forfeited.

How will SPC store proof of vaccination or negative Covid test?

Upon receiving any proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test, our staff will make note in our reservation system, and then delete the email with documentation. No personal medical information will be stored or saved.

Who can I talk to if I still have questions?

If you still have questions about this policy, please contact us at info@steamboatpowdercats.com or call 970-879-5188.


Thank you for sticking with us as we fine tune our operations


We appreciate your pateince as we continue to adapt to COVID


Your feedback to us will help create our path to this seasons success

Our Pledge to Each Other:

Similar to last season, we pledge to our staff and our guests that we are doing our best to help us prevent the spread of COVID. This requires all of us to minimize our risk of exposure, to monitor our bodies for any COVID type symptoms, and to not come to Steamboat Powderats if you are feeling sick in any way. Our pledge is to limit the chance of bringing COVID, and other seasonal illnesses, to Steamboat Springs and into our snowcats. There are many measures that we will use to satisfy this pledge, before, during and after your experience with us.

Pre-trip operations and mitigations:

  • All trip leaders will receive an email confirmation that will outline our COVID plan and expectations that you and your group will adhere to.
  • All trip leaders will be required to have provided us with the names, cell phone numbers and email addresses for all guests prior to 7-days out so that we can send everyone pre-trip information, forms and questionnaires.

    7-days prior to your trip, all guests will receive an email containing the following:
  • A reminder to email us an image or screenshot of each participant’s proof of vaccination or negative Covid test. Emails can be sent to info@steamboatpowdercats. We prefer this method over bringing your proof physically the morning of your activity. We’d hate to have you miss your trip due to you not having shown us these documents.

  • Diet restriction and food questionnaire. This will include the typical allergy and food preference information plus. Again, let us know this before coming to the office so we can plan our catering appropriately.

  • For Level III trips, we will have an option for you to check a box to indicate if you are comfortable eating lunch inside the snowcat. If any guest isn’t comfortable with this we will then have lunch outside the cat.

  • Traditional information like what to expect, what to bring and other “day in the life” logistics.

  • 3-days prior to your trip we will send you a similar email to remind everyone about your upcoming adventure and double check that you have filled out all of the mandatory pre-trip forms, and have sent in a proof of vaccination or are planning a Covid test.
  • NEW FOR 2022 – We will not be having an evening check in like we have had in the past. Doors open at 7:30 am and we will take care of all check-in, liability forms and equipment rental at this time.

Day of operations and mitigations:

  • We will be keeping a daily log of our staff’s ongoing health status by checking all staff for symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, head or body aches, muscle pain, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea or recent loss of taste or smell. Guides will also have temperatures checked every morning.
  • Similarly, a morning health screening of our guests will be checked at the office. No temperatures of our guests will be taken.
  • Guests and staff will wear face coverings at all times when inside our facilities or inside a vehicle (snowcat/van). If being transported by a snowmobile, a face covering must be worn. Buff’s or neck gaiters typical for skiing and snowboarding are sufficient, though a medical mask or thicker covering is the preferred option. Masks will be available here if a guest arrives without one.
  • A breakfast snack may not be provided like in the past. We are still working this out. Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will be provided. If not, please come well fed in the morning, thanks.
  • Lunch will occur in our cabin for our Level I and II trips. For our Level III trips, will be either inside the snowcat or outside based on weather and group considerations. Water will be available for you in the cats. Please remember to bring your own water bottle.
  • Methods will be established for entering and exiting the snowcats so to avoid congestion at the back of the cat.
  • When outside the snowcat and on slope, face coverings may be removed when social distancing is being practiced.
  • No guests will be allowed in the front of the snowcat, unless absolutely necessary due to injury or illness.
  • We will utilize assigned seating for you in the back of the snowcats and vans. We are thinking that all guests will be on the right side of the cat when you enter and our guide will be on the left side against the windows.
  • Methods will be established for entering and exiting the snowcats so to avoid congestion at the back of the cat.
  • When outside the snowcat and on the slope, face coverings may be removed when social distancing is being practiced.
  • No guests will be allowed in the front of the snowcat, unless absolutely necessary due to injury or illness.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available in our office, snowcats, and vans.
  • Our post-trip photo’s and refreshments will still be happening, though we understand if some of you may not wish to participate.

Post-trip operations and mitigations:

  • 3-days after your trip we will send our typical post-trip questionnaire email with additional questions regarding your post-trip health status. If you or anyone in your party has any new health symptoms that may be COVID related, we ask that you let us know immediately so we can review and act accordingly with appropriate contact tracing protocols.

Vehicle and facility cleaning procedures:

  • Snowcats will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of daily operations.
  • We have air filters in our office and they will be on throughout the day to increase ventilation.
  • Our office will be cleaned and sanitized periodically throughout the day and at the end of each day.
  • Vans will be sanitized at the end of daily operations.


Please be aware of the potential impacts to Steamboat Springs and our small community during your travel and during your stay. The same measures we are taking to minimize the spread of the COVID on our trips need to also be a focus of yours when leading up to and during your travel to and from Steamboat Springs. An outbreak in our Steamboat Powdercats community could end your snowcat trip and work for our employees.