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Kevin Owens – Backcountry Ski Guide

“Hello, my name is Kevin.  I am made from the finest ingredients the East coast has to offer.  I contain no GMO’s and I am Dolphin safe.  I’ve only gotten a couple snowcats stuck since 2000 when I started working at Steamboat Powdercats and I am never late for lunch. A man’s gotta eat right?

I ski powder every day at work.  Every run.  Every turn.  If you follow me then the same will happen to you.

My goal is simple: To laugh, to roam, to share, to dare, to breathe deeply, to awe, to question, to discover, to bond, to exhaust, to never forget and to return safe and satiated.

I have proudly served over 7000 guests and have worked on Buffalo Pass over 1,000 times in my career as a ski guide.  I can’t wait to meet and ski with you in the future and build upon the amazing memories, relationships and experiences I’ve had with Steamboat Powdercats. “