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Why go snowcat skiing with us?

IMG_3253We understand that you, our prospective guest, have many options to choose from in the snowcat skiing and heli skiing, deep powder world. Though we are the only operation for backcountry guided powder skiing and snowboarding in Northwest Colorado, throughout the State there are about a dozen snowcat skiing operations and in North America several times that.

Read about our rich history of cat skiing since 1983

Depending on your time frame, budget and ability, the composition of your group and expectations, the options for you are great and we hope you achieve whatever it is you set out to fulfill. Your time is incredibly valuable and you deserve an experience that will stay with you for many years to come.

At Steamboat Powdercats, we take pride in the fact that 75% of our guests annually return to visit us year after year after year. This statistic alone is proof that whatever we are doing is working.

But really, why choose Steamboat Powdercats over all the other options out there?

Is it our:

  • World class snow? Buffalo Pass is Colorado’s deepest annual snowpack and we receive some of the lightest, fluffiest snow in the world. So much that the term Champagne Powder was trademarked here in Steamboat Springs.
  • Wide variety of terrain? Since 1983, we have had a special use permit from the Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest in the Buffalo Pass area. The permit envelope is about 10,000 acres with nearly 5,000 of that being skiable. This expansive area is composed of all aspects (North, South, East and West) and is mostly below tree line so it holds the snow without major wind affect (depends on storm). There are mellow glades for the Level I groups, aspen and spruce forests for our Level II and nice steeper, more “big-mountain” pitches for the Level III groups. All in all, the terrain on Buffalo Pass is very similar to what you would find at the Steamboat Ski Area.
  • An ability level separation system that provides you with some level of comfort in knowing that you won’t be held up or felt to rushed during your day? If you’ve ever been heli or snowcat skiing and you were put in a group with incompatible ability level’s you will really appreciate what we are doing here at Steamboat Powdercats. When you are spending $400 on a day you will be grateful that we take the time and work with our guests to placing them in a group that is the right fit for their powder skiing or snowboarding.
  • three clean, comfortable, luxury snowcats?
  • an all inclusive trip that when compared to other operations sets the industry standard?
  • the friendliest, most devoted staff that anyone employer could ever ask for?

Honestly, the experience that is Steamboat Powdercats, from the time you call us to the moment you leave us, you’ll be taken care of and will be in good hands. Our family of guides and staff will welcome you “home”, make sure you get into as much fresh snow during your day and then wish you all the best when you depart.

It’s this family approach, the camaraderie of our groups and the blessings of Mother Nature that combine to provide you with a great choice and a reliable option when choosing where to go for your next guided powder skiing and snowboarding trip.

We hope to see you this winter and wish you the deepest and lightest powder day you could have ever imagined.