Thank you for the memories – Booking plan for next winter

We love what we do, where we do it, and who we get to do it with, so it’s bittersweet for us to put the snowcats away, knowing that we won’t get to share our passion for searching out fresh tracks with you for another 8 months. We appreciate your wanting to come back for a visit. Our partnership in the powder is a beautiful thing. Here is the plan as to how we are making bookings for Winter 2022/23, our 40th Anniversary Season!

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Our Season of Snow

As a member of the coveted Powdercats Nation, we present to you today our annual State of the Powder Address. We hope this address comes at a time in your season when you are deep in the powder, tired from seeking out endless fresh lines, and eager to get after it again, and again, and again. As a diehard Powdercatter, you have been paying attention to how our season has been going.  More than likely you have already visited us and can read this with a smile knowing that our time has come.

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State of the Powder

We feel it necessary to let everyone know how conditions are fairing up on Buffalo Pass.  It's been nearly a month since we last received any substantial snow.  The late December to early January storm was epic and set us up nicely for the entire season, but since then it just hasn't snowed much at all. The short and mid-term forecast is also looking dry so if you are booked on a trip with us from now till mid-Feb, here is what to expect.

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