After 3-weeks of mostly no snow, what are the conditions like?

We feel it necessary to let everyone know how conditions are fairing up on Buffalo Pass.  It’s been nearly a month since we last received any substantial snow.  The late December to early January storm was epic and set us up nicely for the entire season, but since then it just hasn’t snowed much at all. The short and mid-term forecast is also looking dry so if you are booked on a trip with us from now till mid-Feb, here is what to expect.

You can see from our recent images that we are still finding fresh snow, though not every turn like we are accustomed to and known for.  Fortunately, it’s been cold so the snow is soft and still light on most aspects.  There are tracks on every run you will take with us. Some of your turns will be firm and some will be soft, some will be in wind buffed snow, some will be through older tracks, and some will be in mostly untracked snow. Variable is a good term for the conditions right now.

Our guides are killing it! They are true powder hunters right now and working hard to search out the best conditions to match the terrain and goals of the guests.

Most importantly we believe the snow conditions still offer a safe and enjoyable tour for you, our guest. We heard recently from guests that the snow product is fine and it is just one element of why guests come to visit us.  Beyond the snow, it’s the other guests, the guides, the camaraderie, the adventure, and the stoke that defines the Steamboat Powderdcats experience, and sometimes the snow just isn’t as good as we would like.

Our plan is to keep running tours.  We are unsure how long we can keep this up but for now, we look forward to seeing you and your crew up on the pass.  Keep praying for snow and hope Mother Nature shifts her storms our way.

As always, thanks for playing and visiting us again in the future.

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