Chris Titus – Snowcat Skiing Guide

Chris joined Steamboat Powdercats in the winter of 19/20.  Before this job, he worked on Steamboat Ski Patrol for over a decade.  He believes he was put on this earth for one reason, to ski…better yet, ski powder.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Chris moved here in 2003 from Vermont where he ski patrolled there for three years.  Wanting bigger mountains and deeper snow, he decided to move to Steamboat for a ski season.  15 years later, the Yampa curse kept him from leaving this paradise he calls home.

When the ski season is over, Chris spends his time mountain biking, backpacking, camping and enjoying the outdoors anyway he can.  He works construction in the summer to pay the bills; because skiing is expensive, but it’s cheaper than therapy.

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