Rex Schiesser – Road Builder Extraordinaire

Snowcat Road Building Savont, Maintenance Team and SPC Comedian

Rex is now on his second stint here at SPC, coming out of retirement in 2010. As our head of our snowcat road building team and part of our maintenance team, Rex is the man we call onto to make our 50-miles of snow roads clean and help keep the motors running, fix our machines and make us all laugh.

Early season, Rex spends days wrenching on our cats in preparation for the lengthy season. Once the snow falls, his invaluable work preparing our road system is an integral part of the SPC experience.

Previously, Rex worked with us from 1998 to 2006 and helped pioneer many of our snow roads and guiding systems.

If you see Rex in the office or on the snow please give him a high five and thanks for all the work he does here at SPC.

During the summer months Rex owns All Haul Tucking and Excavation (970-846-8789) and spends most of the time on the back end of a shovel or in the cockpit of a track hoe.

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