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Photo & Video Program

Skiing and Snowboarding Photography

If you are looking for your daily photo’s please click here to go to this page.

We are one of the only ski tour operators in the world that include a ski photo program into our daily operations. During your trip, our pow-tographer (a.k.a. powder paparazzi) will visit each cat for a couple runs and document the adventure. Our goal is that when you leave us, at the end of the day, you and your crew will have some nice imagery to share with your friends who couldn’t make the trip.

Be it face shots, group photos, guide shots, landscape images, snowcat pictures or those of your epic crashes, we will do our best to get shots of you and your group deep in the powder. The images you see on this website are ones from this program so you have an idea of the quality images we can capture during your day.

Please, always bring your own camera along on your tour as this isn’t a guaranteed amenity. When and if our photographer cannot make it to your cat during the day, you will be able to document the trip with your own camera. Though we attempt to provide a photographer for all the cats on all our days, we realize that this is somewhat difficult at times when incidents or emergencies occur. We cannot guarantee you that our photographer will be with you during the day. We understand this may be disappointing to you if it is your group that our photographer cannot visit and we apologize in advance.

We use an assortment of Canon SLR cameras (20D, 40D & 50D) and lens for our digital ski photography program. We don’t set up photos so if you want a good picture make sure you ski or ride past the pow-tographer whist they are on the snow with you.

Video: Helmet Camera and Full Production options

We have two options for our video program.

One is the daily rental of our GoPro HD cameras. We have two for rent per day. Please email us or call us to line this up.

You’ll get the GoPro camera all day while out with us. Cost is $50 for the daily rental. Our guides will provide some assistance during the day so that you can capture some great follow cam and face shots. Attachment options included for the day will be the chest harness mount and one for your helmet. We provide the raw footage onto a uploaded image link that will become available typically that night after your trip.

The other option will be for a full day of filming resulting in a 10-15 minute video that we will edit down for you. We only offer this option to our private cats.

Cost for the full HD video production for a full private cat is $75/guest ($900/cat). We will have an additional video guide ski along all day with your group capturing the experience. You will get at least 1 GOPRO as well as our Canon VIXIA HF-S21 that our video guide will use to capture the day. Do to editing speeds you will receive the finished product no less than 2 weeks after your trip.

Here are a couple examples of the type of Ski and Snowboard Video Production we have done in the past: