Level II Backcountry Skiing and Riding

At this level, we will ski diverse terrain including many gladed areas, forests of aspen and spruce trees and some steeper terrain. We ski and ride at an up tempo pace and our guests must be confident in the powder and capable of skiing trees.

If you are not comfortable skiing trees or confident skiing or riding in all depths, or can’t pop your turns in the powder, please consider skiing in our Level I – an introduction to the backcountry tour.  Remember that if a guest overstates their ability level in our Level II tour, we do reserve the right to sit them in our cats. This is not a fun thing to do so please, if you are unsure of which ability level to be in, we ask that you be conservative in placing yourself and your group in an ability level.  We appreciate your honesty here. Both our Level I and Level II tours access the same terrain, the same drop offs and pick ups.  The real difference is that our Level II tour is for those who have the experience in the powder and can ski and ride the aspen and spruce forest that are throughout our terrain.

If you have been to the Steamboat Ski Area, then the terrain we access is very similar to the Closets or Shadows tree runs. Also, the aspen glades of One O’clock, Two O’clock or Three O’clock. The pitch is mostly blue/black and black type skiing/riding that you would find at the Steamboat Ski Area.

Skiers and snowboarders at the Level II:

  • must have solid and confident powder skills.
  • you can ski or ride in all depths of powder.
  • must be able to ski or ride the aspen and evergreen forests; widely and tight spaced trees – see images on this page and slideshow. This is the most important skill necessary for our Level II.
  • you divide your time between black and double black runs on a lift served ski area and search out the powder in the trees.
  • enjoy groomed and ungroomed terrain.
  • know how to handle adverse snow conditions.
  • are comfortable in gladed areas and in control in the tree runs.
  • can snowboard effectively in the powder with no issues stopping, traversing, floating your board in the powder or linking turns in the trees (a falling leaf on your heal side edge isn’t considered adequate). We tend to have issues with our “in between” snowboarders from Level I and II.  If you are not sure, the Level I tour is your best choice and you will have a much more comfortable time.

Please remember that should a guest arrive who greatly overstates their ability level, we reserve the right to restrict them from skiing. Please, if you are booking a trip for yourself or for others, you understand this and have fully taken this into consideration.

No refunds will be given to these guests. When booking a Level II or III group,  make sure that everyone in the group is capable of skiing at that level. 

Watch the below video from the Steamboat Powdercats Level II terrain. You’ll notice that the terrain isn’t steep by any means.  It’s more black and blue black than double black pitch.  But, it’s the tree skiing that makes Level II what it is.  If you cannot ski or ride with the confidence to get thru trees like this then you should consider the Level I tour.