Level II – Advanced Backcountry Skiing

At this level, we ski and ride at an up-tempo pace and our guests must already be confident in the powder and capable of navigating through trees. We will ski diverse terrain including many gladded zones, wonderful aspen and evergreen forests and get into some steeper zones during the day.

If guests are unsure about your powder skiing or riding techniques, please be conservative in your choice and consider going in our Level I tour. Call us to fine tune your ability level choice if you are a first timer and/or are unsure of which tour to join.

Watch this video about our Level II trip:

Skiers and snowboarders at this level are strong intermediates or advanced skiers/riders who:

• have been skiing and riding for many years
• must already have confident powder skills and techniques
• can ski or ride in all depths of fresh powder
• must be able to ski or ride the aspen and evergreen forests; widely and tight spaced trees
• at any ski area, you handle black runs with no problem and you search out fresh turns in the trees
• you have solid leg strength, can pop/float turns in powder, can stop at any time in deep snow without falling, traverse in both directions and actively seek out fresh snow on powder days

For guests who are unsure or are between Level I or II, especially first timers who have never visited us or another cat or heli operation in the past, we strongly encourage you to go on our Level I tour.  It is way better to be a stronger skier or rider in a more conservative level than the other way around. Also, if you are coming with a group and not everyone is confident in their Level II ability, then please go in our Level I group, as it will be great to give these guests the nudge they need to develop their skills in the powder.

Our Level II tour utilizes the same drop offs and pick ups as our Level I tour. Level I’s will mostly stick to the more open, gladed terrain between the forests. Level II’s will also enjoy these open glades, but must have the confidence and experience level to head into the trees or venture into the steeper zones between the glades.

If you have been to the Steamboat Ski Area, the terrain we access in our Level II is very similar to the Closets or Shadows tree runs. Also, the aspen glades of One O’clock, Two O’clock or Three O’clock and the terrain off the Pony Express lift or the backside into Morning Side. The pitch is mostly blue/black and black type skiing/riding that you would find at the Steamboat Ski Area. Our Level II terrain does not get into any double black pitch.

Below images are from our Level II trips

Our Level II terrain isn’t super steep, it’s more of a blue/black type steepness. But, it’s the tree skiing that makes Level II difficult. This video will give you a good idea of the spacing of the aspens. If you cannot ski or ride with the confidence to get through trees like this then you should consider the Level I tour.

Please remember that should a guest arrive who greatly overstates their ability level, we reserve the right to sit them on certain runs. Please, if you are booking a trip for yourself or for others, you understand this and have fully taken this into consideration. No refunds will be given to these guests. When booking a Level II or III group, make sure that everyone in the group is capable of skiing at that level. We hate to sit our guests, so please be conservative when making your decision regarding ability levels.


Guests at this level have limited powder experience and need more open type terrain to continue to learn how to float their turns. A level I guest is confident on lift served ski area groomed blue, blue/black and even some black diamond terrain but has not quite figured out how to pop or float their turns in untracked powder.



Our Level III guests will have unquestionable skills, both in the backcountry and at the ski area. These guests actively seek out the most expert type terrain with the deepest powder available.  Many of our guests in this level have been on other heli or snowcat operations in the past and/or are active backcountry enthusiasts.