Steamboat Powdercats is a founding member of Cat Ski US, a non profit organization founded upon a premise that guided guests should receive certain assurances while visiting US based snowcat operations.  Operations in Cat Ski US strive to provide safe and responsible backcountry skiing/riding experiences through shared practices and safety protocols. 

Membership in Cat Ski US is made up of some of the country’s finest snowcat operations and guides. This association is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes as well as to provide a framework for establishing minimum operating standards and oversight for compliance within the Cat skiing industry.

It has been great to work with this association and help establish standards relating to:


  • Guide qualifications

  • Operational protocols

  • Avalanche and Safety procedures

  • Equipment requirements

  • Risk management plans

Here at Steamboat Powdercats, we are passionate about the snowcat skiing and riding industry and do our best to represent Cat Ski US in any and all of it’s efforts.

Buffalo Pass, located just north of the Steamboat Ski Area across Fish Creek Canyon, and is where Steamboat Powdercats has been operating our snowcat skiing tours since 1983.


This experience is for private cats only, from February 1st until the end of the season. Instead of finishing at 3:45 pm, we extend the tour to 4:45 pm and cat ski in the magic light of the Alpenglow.