It feels so good to be back up on Buffalo Pass as today marks our first trip of this 35th season of ours.

After the 32-inch, Savior Storm, during the holiday weekend, we’ve been super active building our snowcat roads in preparation for todays launch.  It hasn’t been easy as we’ve had to reschedule and cancel several trips leading up to this one.  We appreciate all the patience from the guests that have been affected.  Also appreciate all the snow dancing, sacrificing and praying which obviously helped bring the storm to us last weekend.

We spend hundreds of hours building out the infrastructure required to pull off our trips.  Our snowcat roads are complex to build as we put these “over snow” thru meadows and fields, across rocks, over stumps and just about anything that is out there in the raw forest.  Before the last storm we really had no roads built as there was very limited snow on Buff.  Now with the new snow, we are playing catch up in a big way. A big round of applause goes out to Rex and Phil, Todd, Eric and others who helped get Calvin the snowcat up and out to make this happen.

Check out the images from today here. You’ll see conditions are good to go.  With a 44″ base, it’s not super deep, but enough to get us going and guests on fresh snow.

Another wave of weather looks to be coming in on Saturday night…maybe. Keep dancing folks, keep praying and don’t forget the sacrifice as it all helps.