Our 2022 Season Begins Today

After 3-feet of snow over the past 2 weeks, we are launching our 2021-22 season today.  This is the 39th season in the storied Powdercats history.

We spent the last few weeks training our staff and getting operations up and running, and today we took our first guests up to Buffalo Pass.  We’ve got 96 more days left of our season so it will be an amazing ride for us and we are stoked to see all of our guests over the next few months.

Our base at mid-mountain is 50-inches but it’s still a bit thin in places.  We always need more snow and it is looking like snow is coming in a big way.  Starting this  Thursday the systems will come rolling in and there is snow in the forecast through the end of the year.  It would be nice as late November and early December was warm and not snowing.

Today was great!  We had one group out on the snow to help kick things off. The snow was light and fresh, just like we love it.