Our booking calendar is now live!

Hey Powdercatters,

We are now ready for your immediate bookings.  Private cats and non-private cats can book trips from here on out.  Click here to view our calendar.  Some things to consider this year:

  • We have shifted to 10 guests per snowcat.  Not 12 like in the past.
  • Private cats are $7500
  • Individual seats are $750
  • There will be no evening check-in/boot drop-off this year.  We will open doors at 7:30 am in the morning and dial everything in for guests who will be using our skis or snowboards.  Which is most of you.
  • We will be adjusting our morning food service.  Instead of the breakfast buffet/snack we’ve served for years, we will shift to something different like a breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich.  Stay tuned.
  • All bookings require a 50% deposit at booking and the final payment is 7-days before your trip.  Full cancellation policies and an explanation of the 10% activity insurance add-on are located here.

If and when you book a trip online, we will send you a confirmation email outlining all things to plan for and how to update your reservation via an online platform.  We will also send you a 7-day and 3-day out auto email before your trip to get you and your crew fired up for your powder day with us. 

Thanks to all of you who rebooked your day with us from seasons past.  Thank you to all the future guests who are going to come to visit us this year.  We appreciate everyone and will miss those who can’t come back to visit.

Powder days ahead!