Snowcat skiing in our COVID world

Greetings Powdercat,

With much love, we hope that this email finds you and yours healthy, happy, and safe.

Last we connected, we were in the midst of the most memorable of seasons. The consistent snow, our super guests, and amazing guide team were working in perfect harmony, proving yet again that our little paradise on Buffalo Pass is a unique, and cherished place that we love sharing with you all.  To celebrate the fun we had, we have put together our annual “Best Of” 2020 image gallery for your viewing pleasure.  Check it out here.

Without you, there would be no Steamboat Powdercats. We have always held this dear to our hearts and with this at the forefront of our minds, we are busy planning on how we will be shifting our practices and protocols to do our part to keep you safe in our new COVID-19 snowcat skiing reality. 


We are planning on it! There is a lot of time between now and mid-December in which time pandemic measures will certainly evolve.  We are currently evaluating and refining how we can adjust our operations in order to do our part to mitigate the associated risks of COVID-19. Given a large amount of uncertainty associated with the pandemic, we have not yet finalized these plans, but we do know that we will be abiding by any federal, state, or county mandated precautions.  A lot will happen between now and the start of our season and we will keep you updated on our COVID snowcat skiing plans.  Our goal is to have a more robust update for you by the end of August when we will have a better understanding of what our winter may look like.


We are still opening up next season’s booking calendar this coming June 15th.  You can remind yourself of how we book our trips by visiting our blog here. Remember, if you came this year you get priority on the same day of the week for next season, you just need to let us know before June 15th.  If you are looking for new dates, still let us know your thoughts before then so we can help navigate the process come June 15th.

The only difference this year is that we will not be taking any deposits for reservations until the first of October. We feel this prudent as we will outline in detail with you how we will be responding to COVID at the end of August.   This will give you a month to think about our COVID response plan, providing you with more information and time to make your decision and reconsider your commitment to joining us for the 2021 season

Also, we will be shifting our cancellation policies to allow for any COVID-19 travel restrictions that may happen within 4-weeks of the start of your snowcat skiing trip.  If you need to cancel or if we have to cancel due to any mandated COVID-19 Travel Restrictions, you can transfer 100% of your money to the next season with no change fees. Beyond this, we strongly advise all our guests to pick up our 10% cancellation insurance that allows for cancellations outside of 72-hours. This is something we have had in place for years and allows for a multitude of flexibility with your reservations, with or without COVID.   

Be Well Powdercats Nation

Many of you have already touched base, re-booking for next year, and sharing with us how your life has evolved over the past months. It’s made us smile to hear that many of you are using your SPC buff’s to protect your face whilst social distancing.  Life has certainly shifted for us all but one thing will always remain, our passion for powder skiing together will unite us till the end.  

Until we speak again, be well, and stay strong. 

Your friends at Steamboat Powdercats