Since we last wrote, we had just lived through one of the driest January’s that we have dealt with. Not only was COVID stressing our system but the lack of snow was painful, to say the least. We were forced to close operations for two and a half weeks in mid-January and the dream of skiing powder was just that, a dream.

Flash forward a month and low and behold, we have been living the dream on just about a daily basis. Since Jan 25th we have had snow 20 of the 29 days. It’s been one of those cycles we will remember for a long, long time. This February storm cycle has the January drought as a long ago, distant memory.

In fact, during the last 19 days, we have received 130″ of new snow. This is huge and the second deepest February in our records since 2000. Only last year when we had 155″ in February was it deeper.

Snow cures all issues in our world here in Colorado and most communities in the Rockies. It’s a telling fact for many reasons. Not only do we get to live our dreams, but without the precious snow, the economy of our region is impacted on many levels, the environment is severely stressed, and the summer fun factor of playing on rivers, mountains, canyons, and the forest diminishes significantly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mother Nature for bringing us the much needed snowfall that helps us in so many ways.

Feb 5th may have been our lightest and driest day of the season

The stoke has been amplified recently due to all the new snow we keep getting

Feb 20 was all up in your face

Feb 17 was waist deep

Feb 14 was one of the only sunny days we’ve had in February

Feb 6th was a 20″ day on top of 13″ on top of 112″ the days leading up

Feb 5th may have been the lightest snow we’ve had thus far this season