Our First Mission of the Season

Today was our first mission up to Buffalo Pass for the 2021-22 season.  We rallied up on sleds to check out snow conditions and see what Mother Nature has provided us.  No skiing today, just sledding around, poking in the snow, checking on the cabin, and basic, snow safety exploration.

As many of you know, November was warm and mostly sunny here in Colorado so there isn’t much to report.  We are certainly in need of a few storms to come to town and dump some much-needed snow. As of today, we have a 29-inch base at our cabin. The snow is supportable and we saw some tracks up there from public riders.  Coverage is thin and if we were to run a tour today, we wouldn’t.  More snow is needed soon.

And guess what, there are storms in the forecast for next week! We will be snow dancing, praying, lighting candles, burning skis, and sacrificing something in hopes that these storms come to fruition.  A couple of nice dumps will go a long way right about now.  Please do your best to bring the magic.  It’s time.

Bring on the snow!