We are back in the game!

Hallelujah, it snowed again!  After being stuck in a spring-like void and not getting snow over the past few weeks, Mother Nature has once again supplied us with some much-needed love.  Combine the 5″ we got this morning with the Thursday/Friday/Saturday snow, we are back at it again, doing what we do best.

We had 2 cats out today enjoying the fresh lines and the magic of our National Forest up on Buffalo Pass.  In our minds, and yours if you are reading this, there is nothing better than ripping fresh lines with your friends, family, and our guides, exploring the world beyond any ski area, and just living large in the mountains.  We all need skiing and riding in our lives right now, more than ever, so we are so psyched to fire up the snowcats and share the stoke with everyone.

It is looking like more snow over the next couple of days then another wave coming our way Friday into Saturday so things are set up for your upcoming trips. We have cats available this week and throughout February, along with our non-motorized backcountry tours, if anyone wishes to join us. Check out our calendar here. 

To say that we have been in a drought is an underestimate.  All of Colorado, beyond our friends at Wolk Creek, the South San Juans, and the Upper Rio Grande basin have been in a painful dry spell.  You can see in the map below that much of Colorado is sub 80% in total snowfall for the season.  Certainly, a few deep days will raise snowpack levels and we’ve seen years where we get 200-inches of snow in February through March.  Let’s all keep praying this happens as our world is always better when it snows.