Long before humans were around, the Aspen tree (aka Populus tremuloides) thrived all across North America. By stroke of amazing luck, this incredible specimen of a plant has found an amazing home in the sanctuary we like to call Buffalo Pass. Given the erratic climate in an ever changing powdery world, these amazing trees come to life on rare occasions during the perfect kind of winter storm. When this happens, these trees transform into frosty white sculptures of beauty crafted by the great Ullr himself. Today was one of those days where the solace of an Aspen field was turned into a frosty white blank slate of a painting that we the incredibly lucky humans got to (for a brief moment in time) ski through their amazing majesty. Moments like these make us look up to the sky and believe there’s something more epic to this world of skiing that words can’t possibly describe.

Thanks to everybody that shared those amazing moments in the trees today. It was one for the record book.

Check out all the great shots here.