Hypoxia is the condition where the human body fails to deliver enough oxygen to its cells and vital organs.

Hypoxia happens in many different ways but at Steamboat Powdercats it really only happens when the skiing is extremely deep. You see… as one skis, the powder gets kicked up violently and it voids all chances to breathe oxygen and the result is a skier finishing their run gasping for air to breathe.

Days like today are rare but they do happen ever so often which is why we are working with a world class scuba equipment manufacturer to design scuba equipment specifically designed for Steamboat Powdercats. When the patent clears and we have finished our final testing, we will be excited to offer official Steamboat Powdercats scuba gear to all of our guests when conditions become as deep as they were today.

If you made it this far, this was a satire. Nobody actually went hypoxic today but dangit we came really freaking close.

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