Coming from a tele skiing background, Stephen Bass has dropped a knee many times. Too many times to be exact. But today however, was Stephen’s most exciting knee drop of all. One that he will remember for ever.

On the top of Revo Ridge, shortly after the entire group skied off into the distance, Stephen Bass skied down with the woman of his dreams to a dreamy spot in the trees. With utmost grace and smooth style, Bass proceeded to take off his helmet, drop a knee in the 16 inches of champagne powder and ask the woman of his dreams for her hand in marriage. As the cheers from the cat below echoed off the cliffs of Soda Mountain, Bass and Maddie got to shred an epic powder run down for their first time as an engaged couple.

Congrats you two. Welcome to a new powder skiing engagement tradition that you’ll do for the rest of your lives and welcome to the family.

Check out all the great shots here.