Come June 15th we will be opening up bookings for next season.  From now until then, returning guests can book your same dates as last season.  You can also send us your thoughts on a new date if you need to change or missed us this past winter.

Please let us know date, what ability level and how many people in your group.  Email to line this up.  Again, June 15th we open up the calendar for tentative bookings.

Similar to years in the past, we won’t be taking credit card payment right away but will imprint your cards for a September 1st payment.

All bookings at SPC in the summer are tentative till August 15th when we finalize our internal calendar.  We appreciate your patience if any of your trips are impacted as we may need to shift your dates.  We will work with you to reschedule and hope any inconvenience can be accommodated. Once again, all bookings up till August 15th are tentative and booked without a credit card payment, but with an imprint, as we may have to shift your date. After September 1st, all bookings are firm.

View booking calendar here.