Cold Side of The Mountain

Starting off the morning at a blistering 3 degrees, we bundled up before heading to Buffalo Pass for another cloudless day of skiing! To our delight the cold didn’t stick around for too terribly long and layers were shed.

Our Level I Snowcat was a combination of a father-son pair, a couple solo guests, and one larger father & offspring group. Smiles were big as we came down through the aspens and into a powder field where they put their skills to the test while boosting off a couple jumps. Our other Snowcat (aka Cali Cat), Level II, consisted of a big crew of Californians and a solo guy, Rob, from NY. We all ripped up some beautiful early morning lines, chatted about Cali life/work, then Rob and I bonded over growing up skiing the “Ice Coast” (east coast).

In addition to the great skiing, on the way up to meet the Snowcats I had a pretty intimate encounter with a coyote. As we stared at each other, slowly reaching for my camera, I was reminded once again that we share this land with some pretty incredible creatures that live where we play. Don’t forget it and be thankful we have such a big playground with killer views right in our backyard!