Powder Pan’s Cameo

Greetings folks! Powder Pan here reporting from magical Buffalo Mountain land.

Golly gee! Today was absolutely incrediboo! Skiing powders is rad!

Feeling super grateful to have had the opportunity today to be out on slidy sticks wigglin and gigglin while snappin picturetography for all the awesome powder hounds. After years of writing these blogs where I roasted the office folks out there for not skiing enough powder, I now know whole heartedly what that feels like. It was pure nostalgia up there today and it reminded me of how magical skiing at Steamboat Powdercats is.

To the folks out there chillin in your offices thinking about booking your next cat skiing trip, don’t forget about that amazing place out there. That amazing  place where the powder flows like champagne and where beautiful skiers instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Buffalo Pass. Its amazing. Be grateful for all the blessings that it can bring.

Catch you out in all the magic out there.