All Mountain Day With STARS

Wow! What a day in the backcountry!! Two full Snowcats of our local STARS All Mountain Adaptive crew and our first Level III Snowcat went and played around on Soda Mountain.

Our STARS Cats were a mixture of U.S. Veterans and civilians who were a true inspiration to watch! The motto “mind over matter” was really in the forefront of my mind while setting up to photograph them and seeing waves of smiles pass me by on each run.

The Level III Cat, being the first of the season, was quite fitting we had four Hollywood stuntmen to test out the slopes for us today and they were PSYCHED! trying their hardest to huck off every cornice, wind lip, and rock jump in sight!

We will mark another tally in the “epic day” box and look forward to what tomorrow has to bring!

Thanks for skiing with us today,