Fuffalo Pass Returns

Days like today don’t come around often.  Maybe every other year we see storms like this. We ski and ride powder every single day, day after day after day, but nothing like this. We got destroyed by 23″ at our cabin and 29″ at our higher elevation snowstake on Soda Mountain.  THAT IS INCREDIBOOOOOOOOL!

Though Buffalo Pass is Colorado’s deepest snowpack, typically, and we are blessed with amazing days, today’s adventure in the powder was over the top.  All 36 of our guests were equally impressed with the utter quantity of the snow.  “Deepest day ever” was the running theme from all aboard.  It wasn’t the lightest snow or the best snow necessarily but the deepest for sure.

In the past 3 days we have received 45″ of new snow.  That’s double what we had in the first 15 days of the month and half of our total snowfall in December.  Just amazing.

Fluffalo Pass returned in a big way today.