Post-Storm Visibility!

After a full day of fighting through the seemingly outrageous conditions yesterday, we were greeted by the sun, some blue sky, and low hanging fog that decided not to leave the valley. With increased visibility and 5” of fresh, very light snow on top of the new 29” we were in for one heck of a day!

Right out the gates I jumped on Cat B and took a few laps with the Canadian boys through our “bread and butter” terrain. Those aspens trees have never heard as much exuberant laughter, “yips”, and “whoops” as they did today. The snow was incredible, to say the least.

Our other Level II traditional terrain group shared the same excitement for the conditions and really bonded while doing a group chant to encourage their Snowcat, Tigger, to make it up a super steep section of the road. Long story short, the chant worked, the hill was conquered, and some pretty funny video footage was captured.

Thanks for the positive vibes today!

– J