The Eye Of The Storm

A calm between storm cycles called for some righteous skiing & boarding on this beautiful Sunday. The snow, being best described as “velvet”, allowed for maximum control at high speeds and soft landings from great heights, especially in our Level III terrain.

Aside from the incredible skiing with the returning Canadian group on Soda Mountain, our two Level II Snowcats absolutely made my day. The energy levels were so high in both groups it was hard to think about anything other than where we were going to make our next turns. The Thunder Cat group sent it big off a jump and through the “field goal” of two pines…some stomped the jump, others went down into a cloud of pow! Our group of ladies on our Cat, Tigger, were a total hoot! After laying some beautifully stacked lines on our popular run, Exhibition, they cheer each other on as all six of them hit the famous “Bush Jump”.

Always a blast seeing good friends making more great memories together!!