The Orographic Machine

  1. relating to mountains, especially with regard to their position and form.
(of clouds or rainfall) resulting from the effects of mountains in forcing moist air to rise.
There are snowstorms, then there is Buffalo Pass, northwest flow, no wind, uber fluff, orographic machine type snowstorms like we are having right now. IT”S DUMPING!!!!
Last weeks 45″ in 4-day storms was an atmospheric river that brought Sierra Cement type powder to our winter wonderland.  Today’s storm is a direct hit of northwest flow that is pumping moisture directly into the Park Range and Buffalo Pass.  These storms sit and spin over us, dumping perfectly shaped feather flakes, a.k.a. Champagne Powder, on us.  It’s a magical experience for all of us involved and something that we definitely look forward to and embrace when its on.
Oh yea, it’s on.