Month O’ Love

Sure human relationships are nice and all but what about the love of snow? I mean what is better than playing hooky from your boring adult responsibilities to go powder skiing/boarding with your homies, loved ones, or other like-minded powder hounds? Not much in our opinion. There is something so liberating about zipping across some fluffy white with cold wind on your cheeks that makes one feel truly alive and completely in the moment and that’s what we at SPC LOVE!

Today was what we like to call an “All-Star” day due to the incredible guests we had with us out on the pass. Maybe it was the PERFECT temperatures and cloudless skies, but each Snowcat was so happy to be out skiing with us and they really let it show! To be fair, it is kind of rare to have someone not excited to be skiing fresh lines, but today the positive vibes were exceptional, so thank you!

We’re doing it again tomorrow, folks, see y’all out there!