It Keeps Getting Better!

I’m starting to lose count of how many times I’ve said: “Now that was actually the best day ever.”  Each time I do say it, I genuinely mean it too. I’m sure braving the frigid temps yesterday made today that much sweeter, but you have to agree that nothing beats a bluebird pow day. And I mean NOTHING.

With three Snowcats locked and loaded with some incredible guests, we set out to rip up another day’s worth of smooth velvet lines of freshies. Each group had at least one jumper who took advantage of the soft landings. Cat B, in particular, was really sending it big today as one dude, Sam, went for a backie and almost nailed it!!

Though all guests have a special place in our Powdercat family, the crew in Cat A gets a special shout out. These guys have been coming for years and today they really did it right by adding an extra hour to their trip with our Aplenglow experience and an apres party at our cabin. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! And also, Terri we love you, beat that shit!!