Calvin To The Rescue!

Catskiing comes with its complications. We’re lucky to have the resources to keep our guests skiing when those situations arise. Calvin is the name of our road building cat. Calvin doesn’t get to come skiing with us but every once in a while, He gets to come out and play.  If you aren’t familiar, we named our Clavin’s after the comic, Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin’s character in the story is a creative young boy with visions of grandeur. Within these visions, Calvin creates this alternative enhanced world that he and his friend Hobbes lives in. This exactly what our Calvin snowcat does for us on Buffalo Pass. Cavin has the visions of our ski terrain and makes it our reality by making our 50 mile road system. These roads are what allow us to make our powder skiing dreams come true. So basically, we couldn’t do this without Calvin. So if you come skiing with us and it’s one of those rare days that you get to ride in the one cat that makes these experiences possible, consider yourself lucky.