It’s Full On!

Two months are already in the books and we are in the heart of peak season! No empty seats, lots of private snowcats, backcountry tours, and a bunch of stoked guests!

Our Private Level II-III Snowcat, a rowdy crew of 12 ripping skiers, enjoyed today’s power party on our “Safari Cat” while Thunder Cat is still under the wrench. Since Calvin, the Safari Cat, is lighter they claim it is faster and optimal for packing in the most runs possible. All these fellas are in the industrial lighting industry, specifically the innovative company, Nulite. Nulite Lighting, locally owned and operated in Denver, CO, has been around since 1953 but does a killer job keeping up with the trends by pumping out some super modern and almost futuristic products.

On another note, tonight is the first night of Steamboat’s best music festival, Winter Wondergrass! My grass is blue, is yours?