Farewell Matt!

After 10 years of guiding with our Powdercats family, Matt Weingartner, the handsome stud of a man and mentor for many of us is parting ways.  Today was his last day guiding with us as tomorrow he hits the road heading back to the Ipswitch where his wife and baby-to-be are waiting.

Since his start with SPC Matt has split his time here in Steamboat Springs and his summers in the NE where he works as a badass boat captain.  We’ve been so fortunate for Matt to spend his winters chasing powder for now a decade.

Today we counted Matt’s days on Buffalo Pass.  It’s something like 700 days up on Buff Pass, about 8,000 runs, maybe a million turns, deep in the fluff.  What a ride its been brother.  THANK YOU for the commitment and the love you’ve helped us bring to so many guests and guide team.