Celebrate Awesomeness

Today we are celebrating the awesomeness of this day.  What an epic adventure.  3 crews consisting of 12 5-Star Steamboat Ski Corp employees, 6 badasses who are long time returning super guests and a posse who fly up here today and flew home after. Oh, yea.

Holy moistness powderman!   Incredibly wet but sweet riding snow fell all day today.  We showed up to the cabin with 4-inches on the stake and it snowed another 4 inches whilst we were up there.  Up top, the Soda Mountain stake had 8-inches when we started and 13 by the time we left.  DAMN!

We were all supercharged and supersoaked but crushed it like we do. Fun times up there with the gang, as always, what fun times we have.

Powdercat Kent