Happy Turns


Believe it or not, for some skiing isn’t all about slashing pow and hucking cliffs. Many folks find their bliss in the art of their turn by finding a state of flow in the rhythm of the white mountain dance. One of our very own guides, Brynn, often describes some of our more mellow terrain by use of Bob Ross isms. Her most frequently used phrases, when referring to the type of skiing our guests are about to experience, is “happy turns.” The inferred meaning here is basically, “There won’t be much pitch to this section but there is some very soft snow that is playful and allows for seemingly effortless turns.” Another common Bob Ross quote taken straight from the man himself is obviously “happy trees” that refers to the world’s most perfectly spaced aspen trees that happen to grow on Buffalo Pass. 

And remember, folks, there are no mistakes when making your turns, just happy little accidents.