Zing Bang, Another Storm is Crushing Us

We hope we never wake up from this snowy dreamlike state we are in.  6″ on the stake when we arrived at 9:00 am to the cabin this morning and another 3″ fell during the day.  Say what?  It’s as if our own fairy snow mother has waved her wand over Northwestern Colorado and her crystalized magic is falling from the heavens.

Colorado is under this major system that should last for us thru Thursday night.  Denver and the eastern planes are getting hammered.  The central mountains are getting hammered.  The southern mountains are getting hammered.  Guess who’s getting hammered tonight?  We are!  Okay, chill on the innuendos, we can’t get hammered in that way, but are going to get a lot of snow tonight.

Living the dream folks, living the dream.

Powdercat Kent