Red Wing Blackbirds, Moose and Powdercats

Spring is nearly upon us.  Tomorrow is officially the first day of one of our favorite seasons in NW CO.  Where else can you go skiing, fishing, kayaking and biking in same day?

We had our last 3 cat day today and all of us went up top to Soda Mountain.  We do this when our snow gets locked down in our lower elevations and have to seek the goods up high where the powders live.

It was a busy day and all were satisfied with the snow we found.  Those who are coming in the next few days, we will do the same and should provide you with a similar powder product.

Today we saw our first red wing blackbird on the way up.  This bird is a surefire sign of spring.  Then a moose popped out on the road up to Buff and then we lined up a whole possee of powdercaters with a great day. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Powdercat Kent