Chill Pow

As a gigantic atmospheric river event heads our way, a cold front has been leading the way in. Like a trampeling chariot driven by wild horses, this cold front was indeed cold but it made the trees sparkle with magicness. Although it was cold on this winter day, it was no match for hot cider every lap, roasting hot snowcat rides, warm food at the cabin and endless powdery enthusiasm reverberating off the cliffs of China.

As this chariot-of-a-cold-front continues its way through, the powder deliveries are being towed in behind it. BIG deliveries that is. Faster than a two day Amazon prime package can arrive, this storm will be on our doorstep before we know it and it will completely schmatter us in more delicious pow. What a life right? Dang we are so blessed. Prepare yourselves folks… Its about to get all silly up there on the pass 🙂


Benny Saheb