Is this our Best Season Ever?

After yesterday’s 26″ in 24-hr snowfall and a 38″ in the past 36-hours pounding, we have been reflecting on the significance of this powder filled season and the historic reality that we are living in.  As powder junkies we live for the moment and relish in the now.  When we get fresh snow, even a few inches, life is good.  But when we get snow like we have this season, we are all smiles and perfectly happy to know that we are living our dream.

To put what is happening into a historical perspective, sit and spin on some of these statistics:

  • Since 2001, we have had 19 days where we received over 20-inches in a 24-hour period.  4 of these days have been this year.  3 of them have been in the last 14-days and 2 of them have been this week.

  • In 36 hours we saw 38 inches of snow during Feb 15-16th, just yesterday and the day prior.  Today was BLUEBIRD and cold!
  • Yesterday’s 26 inches in 24 hours was the second deepest day we have recorded since 2001.
  • In the last two weeks we have received 122 inches of new snow. This is the second deepest 14 day period since 2001.  Only the 16 day 133 inch storm from that December 18 to Jan 2nd  was deeper.
  • Since December 24th of this season, we have had fresh snow on the snow stake 74% of the time.  That is about as perfect of a scenario that we could ask for.
  • Our base is now over 120-inches up on Soda Mountain.
  • The Yampa basin is now at 123% of normal.  Oh yea!

If you follow our blog and daily images, Facebook or Instagram feeds, you have seen it.  Many of you have lived this dream scenario with us. The glorious images of powder days have hopefully kept you from working too hard and inspired you to realize that this is THE SEASON.  Life is always good in our world but we don’t think it gets any better than this.

Let’s all rejoice in the moment and reflect on just how amazing of a season this has been thus far.  We know that Mother Nature may turn the faucet off at some point.  We have a month and a bit left in our season till we close at the end of March, and we can only hope that the storm cycles keep crushing us like they have been.

To living our best season ever.  Cheers to Mother Nature and the joys of being a powder hound.