The Makings of your Best Day of Ever!

Multiple times today and yesterday we heard from our guests that the experience with us was their best day of powder skiing or snowboarding EVER. Several of these rippers are powder snobs who have chased this liquid gold all over the globe.  Be it Japan, Canada, Utah, Europe or other powder snow mecca’s, it was this experience here with us that tipped them over the edge and convinced them to profess to us and their team that this was their BEST DAY EVER.

We know how lucky we are here at Steamboat Powdercats.  We hear this on a regular basis. The combination of a reliably deep snowpack, entertaining terrain fit for our expert, advanced and intermediate powder aficionados, the quick access from our office at the base of Steamboat Ski Resort to Buffalo Pass, the amazing camaraderie that is created between our guests and guides, the snow slaying tools we provide everyone with our relationships with Armada Skis and Never Summer Snowboards, our permitted tenure from the US Forest Service, among other reasons, we are set up for success.

But, the driving factor for a “best day ever” pledge from a guest settles down to two things: the quality and the quantity of the fresh snow on their day.  Buffalo Pass and the Park Range of Northwestern Colorado are a snow factory.  The way this mountain range traps storms and sucks out the moisture with its orographic lifting process is world renowned.  When low pressure systems come in from the north, northwest and even the west, like this most recent storm came in, we can get days where the snow is deep and the quality of it is like down feathers.  This storm only snowed an inch in downtown Steamboat Springs and a few inches at the Steamboat Ski Area, but up on Buff we saw 16-inches yesterday and 10-inches today.  Both days were of the fluffiest, most Uber light powder that we dream about.  Add this blower snow to a base of 100+ inches and voila, the “best day ever” comment is easily mic dropped into our world.

Here’s t0 many, many more best days ever.  Let’s pray and hope that Mother Nature keeps giving us her goods and we get more of these opportunities to be mindful of just how good we got it here.