Every year, we hear it from our guests that it is becoming harder and harder to book trips with us as our calendar fills up fast.  We applaud everyone for wanting to visit us and have created a loyal following of returning guests who rebook their same day of the week year in and year out. We are laying out how we launch next seasons calendar now so everyone knows how to rebook or get in line for next seasons powder day with us.

Come June 15th we will be opening up bookings for the 20/21 season.  From now until then, returning guests have the option to rebook your same day of the week, the same ability level and the number of seats as you had this past season. This is not guranteed though as we have an internal calendar that may not fit exactly with what you booked this past season. For those who want the same day but it conflicts with our calendar, we will key you in as soon as we can and work with you to arrange a date.  We appreciate your pateince if this impacts your future trip with us. 

If you are a returning guests looking for a new day or your simply didn’t come this past year, you can also send us your ideas prior to June 15th so we can see where you might fit in and key you into any potential conflicts. We won’t load any of these new days into the calendar until June 15th, but we will have them at least and will do our best to accommodate.

Please let us know your date, what ability level and how many people in your group for any bookings for next season.  Email info@steamboatpowdercats.com to line this up.  Again, June 15th we open up the calendar for all new bookings.

Similar to years in the past, we won’t be taking credit card payment right away but will imprint your cards for a September deposit.

All bookings at SPC in the summer are tentative till August 15th when we finalize our internal calendar.  We appreciate your patience if any of your trips are impacted as we may need to shift your dates, even if you came this past season.  We will work with you to reschedule and hope any inconvenience can be accommodated. Once again, all bookings, even returners from last season, up till August 15th are tentative and booked without a credit card payment, but with an imprint, as we may have to shift your date. After September 1st, all bookings are firm.

View booking calendar here.