Friday’s are made for POWDER

We are now two weeks into our season and the days are rolling.  Our smiling, happy faced permagrinned guests have made the team here at SPC giddy with guiding glory.

There has been lots of laughter, great conversation, tall tales, comic relief and rocking tunes in the cat. We all take it to a higher level once on the snow and savor turn after turn after turn after turn in the pow.

The stoke we get from taking out each and every one of our SPC guest is contagious. Today’s crews brought their A-Games and joined in on the fun and it made for a glorious Friday. There were big airs, powder slashes, faces smushed in snow, silly collisions, epic crashes, lots of turns in the powders and a whole lotta love going on up on Buffalo Pass.

Why wouldn’t we right?  It’s Friday and it’s a POWDER DAY!