Powder Prediction Contest

Every year, the anticipation of when the first snow will fall on our mountain here in Steamboat makes us passionate powder hounds go crazy. As the weather cools and the climate shifts from summer to fall, along with the leaves changing  so does our focus. From swimsuits to fat skis, we progress to the next season. This first snow typically captures a strong sense of winter passion, one which has laid dormant for many months.

So to help ease the pain, we are host our annual annual POWDER PREDICTION CONTEST.

– Win a free day snowcat with us for this coming season! –

Here are the rules:

  • At anytime you can email your prediction to Kent at the SPC office, click here to email Kent.
  • Predictions must have a date and a snow total associated with the date. Please make sure you have a snow total on this email this is equally important as the date. For example, an appropriate prediction would be “3-inches on September 24th, 2017”.
  • Only 1 prediction per person is allowed.
  • The date and snow total that we will use for this contest is from the morning of the report taken. We will use the Steamboat Ski Area’s 5 a.m. snow report as the official date and snow total. Please understand, if the snow starts falling in the evening of August 29th for example, the date of the first official snowfall will be August 30th, not the 29th.
  • Prediction emails must be received in our email in box at least 4 days or 96 hrs prior to the official 5 a.m. snow report of that first storm.
  • If the ski area does not put out a 5 a.m. phone message for this report, we will contact the ski area directly and find out during that next morning of the suspect snowfall.
  • We will use the mid-mountain snow total. If there is no snow at the mid-mountain, then we will use the snow total from the top of the mountain.
  • Your snow total must be done in inches. You can use up to a 1/4 inch increments to be exact. You cannot use “trace” as your prediction.
  • If no one predicts the exact total, we will use the total that was closest.
  • If multiple people guess the correct date and snow total, we will have a follow up contest to determine the winner. This follow up contest will be the depth of snow at our mid-mountain canyon on the day we start our operation for the year.