The Art of the Slash

14 Mar 2016, Posted by Powtographer Ben in Blog, No Comments.

The Art of the Slash

The slash is a very beautiful thing.

Not to be mistaken with an effortless powder turn or a fierce hockey stop, the slash is in fact a maximum effort and powerfully sideways whip of your skis/board that elegantly kicks up snow and sends it everywhere. When seen from afar, a slash looks like the most magnificent explosion of powder that is quickly followed by the slasher blasting through their epic cloud of glory with an ear to ear grin on their face.

The slash is one of the hardest maneuvers to master because it puts you on the edge, flirting between a gigantic wipeout and the most amazing face shot of your life. If performed correctly, a slash will always generate cheering and applause but most certainly land you a cover spot on the Powdercats Blog.

See all the slashin from today here. There was a lot of it.

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