It’s on folks.  The 17/18 snowcat season, our 35th in Steamboat Powdercats history, has now started as we have reassembled our guide team and have really started the process of getting things rolling for the season.  Our training lasts till the 20th of December with our first day of the season with guests identified to start on the 22nd.

Today, along with an assortment of internal safety sessions, we had Jason Konigsberg from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center come and prep us on our snow observations and weather forecasting.  We’ve been great partners with the CAIC over the years.  Their general forecasting and weather stations along with our on the snow expertise and snowpack data allow for a shared wealth of knowledge in the area.

Our snowpack today and looking into the near/distant future is not super impressive.  As most of you know, we haven’t recieved a bunch of snow this season and the next 10 days is, to say it frankly, sad and bleak.  The state of Colorado sits today at 57% statewide snowpack with the Yampa & White zone at 72% which is where we reside.

At our cabin we have 35-inch base.  If we had to run tours today we wouldn’t be able to as we have yet to build our road system.  For our guests who are scheduled from Dec 22-25th, we will know more in the coming days from the weather modeling runs if things will change in time for us to get you out on the snowcats. Thanks for your patience.

Keep an eye on our friends at On the Snow or On the Snow and NOAA for daily dialogue on these future model runs.  We will keep you posted next Wednesday with another blog to update all on weather.

Of course, let’s all keep dancing, sacrificing and praying to the snow gods that this “Heartbreak Ridge” will break down and allow for more winter weather to come our way.