More Weather Headed Our Way

Chances are high for a bit more wintery goodness from the Snow Miser starting tonight!! Though we all love a good bluebird day (or even a string of them), it’s about time “The Boat” gets a little refresh for us to play in after a week of warmer temperatures.

That being said, we’ve got to give a huge shout out to our incredible treed terrain for keeping the snow soft and light seven days after the last snowfall. Without the shade of the trees, we’d be zipping across sun-crusted snow sheets at Mach speeds (as if we didn’t already ski too fast).

Our Cat B guests, from the Golden, CO area, kept us all wondering what was going to happen next as the six teenagers proceeded to launch themselves just about as far as they could off a couple jumps on Revo Ridge. Being the young, athletic lacrosse players that they are, fear was no obstacle and they bounced back from the seldom wipeouts with shocking resilience.

We’ll make sure to put another tally mark in the “Super Fun Day” column and expect the same for tomorrow!