When Like Minds Ski Together

Since 2002, we have been keeping this daily blog, showcasing our “best of” memories, captured imagery and a little blurb about the daily weather, future forecast, and rocking crews.  It’s been a great resource for our guests to re-enjoy their day, share some of the magic with their friends who missed out and to prep those who are coming tomorrow or days down the road.

One theme that has carried over and over in our daily ramblings has been how important our people are in creating the experiences that is Steamboat Powdercats together.  The stoke, the vibe, this glorious day spent searching out fresh powder is only as good as the people we unite on our snowcats and the unique camaraderie of exploring mountains and snow together. Without our people, you as guests and our guides coming together and sharing the moment, each turn and every cat ride, this experience wouldn’t be the same.

Today was super special in many ways but the one thing that really captured the day was that the people who came with us made the magic happen.  Old and new friends, past, present and future business colleagues, the partners in crime, all came together and made this experience super special.  Thanks for all the stoke today gang, you certainly made this day special for all of us up on Buffalo Pass.

Powdercat Kent