5-feet in the past week!

When life is good, it is real good.  When things are turned on they are ON! The snow gods have certainly been good to us this past week with 5-feet of snow dumping in and around Buffalo Pass.  Plus, since December 24th we have only seen the sun on 6 days.  Say what?

Now, with this said, we did get some wind yesterday which beat down some of our aspects, but rest assured life and powder skiing goes on as we have plenty of terrain to search it out and find the goods.

For all of you who have lived through these good times, how lucky we are.  For those of you who are coming in the next few days and into the next week, hold on tight as another storm is brewing and could continue to make for some epic skiing and riding.

Fun times ahead folks as the powder party continues.

Cheers, Powdercat Kent